Friday, August 29, 2014

Five Minute Friday – Reach
     Each Friday over a hundred different bloggers share their hearts about the same prompt.  One word, five minutes of writing, without editing, without worry, without fear.  It is always a blessing to write with this group, read their writings, and read the encouragement others share.  So here goes:

     I have chosen not to write for quite a while now.  Still overwhelmed at what August brought and the experiences that have changed my life forever.  Writing any words would be a reach, a stretch.  I still haven’t wrapped by brain, or my heart, around the friendships, the generosity, the love, the kindness, the miracles that happened the week one person shared the gift of life with another in the form of a kidney.  Through that time, so much more was given as well.  And no matter how much I try, I have yet to find words that express my gratitude, to the donor, to his family, to the friends who sat in the hospital waiting room for hours on end, to the strangers who became like family during those hours.  I cling to memories as reminders of the good human beings are capable of doing.  There are folks in New Mexico, in Nashville, in Kentucky, in Oklahoma, in Alabama, in Puerto Rico who I would love to be able to reach out hug.  Some of whom, I’ve never even met.  Grateful that I was able to be a part of something that was so powerful.  Still reaching for the words.  Thanks for letting me continue to share those words as they come.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Begin

     Begin.  That’s the gist of it all.  Begin.  Start.  Try.  Not, be perfect.  Not, succeed now.  Just, begin.  That’s what Five Minute Friday has done for me, it helped me to begin.  It gave me the freedom and the encouragement I needed to just begin.  Begin to my thoughts down in words.  Begin to allow others to read those thoughts.  Begin to do what my heart longed so to do.  And now that I have begun I can hardly stop.  Words stream through my head constantly.  The computer has become my friend.  I write now without the stress of how it might end.  Because the gist, the point, is to begin.  To start and let it come.  To try and then let come what may.

     What is it that you need to begin today?  Reading the book that speaks to your heart?  Writing that book that speaks to another’s heart?  Laundry?  Dinner?  A friendship?  Go ahead, begin.  Take that first step.  The saying goes that the first is the hardest step.  And so often it is.  Take it.  Go ahead.  Begin what seems impossible and then let it come as it will.  It won’t be all candy and roses.  But it will be.  And being is so much more fulfilling that watching and waiting and wondering.  Beginning and being is worth the risk.  And sometimes, in fact, often the result is beauty, and fulfillment, and joy that can never be replaced.