Monday, June 23, 2014

Five Minute Friday - On Monday

Every Friday hundreds of bloggers write for five minutes without over-analyzing or over-editing.  It's a chance to write what is on our hearts and not worry so much about how we write.  Lisa Jo Baker provides a prompt.  One word.  And we all give our thoughts.  I love Five Minute Friday.  I can spend hours reading other people's blogs and being astounded at the beautiful way they weave words together.  And, because the biggest rule is that you must read and comment on the blog before yours, I get the blessing of people reading my words and encouraging me.  This Friday, life got just a little too busy.  And Saturday.  And Sunday. Now it's Monday.  While I may be the last to post a link and no one may read and comment on my blog - I refuse to miss Five Minute Friday.  I crave the freedom and community it affords me.  So I will write.

Five Minute Friday - Prompt - Release

Oh, how beautiful this word sounds to me.  

Release my burdens.  
Let go.  
Unclench my fists.  
Relax my muscles. 

The thought makes me feel lighter.  More joyful.  

But hands that have been clenched for too long release so slowly.  The joints and muscles have grown so stiff.  So used to clinging on to what lies inside.  And there is great fear in what might fall should they open.  

There are really only two choices though. Keep clenching and clinging and thus choke out joy and hope.  Or, release those things we can't really hold anyway and thus allow for joy and hope to rest gently on our outstretched hands.      


  1. mmm, I love your last paragraph. I'm familiar too with that fear of what will fall, or fall apart, or fall to pieces if I was to let go. It's always been worth it though, even if things fall apart at first.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your comments. It is always worth it. Always!

  2. Such beautiful words Kelli :) I have found in this walk of mine it is the realization that even in the letting go, He has never left my hands empty. As we open them He replaces. Thank you for your words. They are beautiful.

    1. Your kind words are so encouraging! Thank you so much. You are so right, not only does fill our hands - He always fills them with something better!